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Commissioned Works
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Hilton's Residence

Direct TV commissioned Jennifer to paint Kathy Hilton's house. The house portrait was used as a Christmas card at her holiday party. 

The City Club


Jennifer was the signature artist for the City Club which included their trademark marketing image on a wide variety of special promotional items. As well as Angel City Press agreeing to publish a coffee table book that will feature all of Cunningham’s Los Angeles Landmarks.

The Fashion Institute of Design


The Fashion Institute of Design sells her note cards and commissioned Jennifer for a watercolor image of their iconic main campus building and Angel.The President of FIDM bought the "copyrights" and used the image as a promotional piece..

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 6.11.09 PM.png

​Jennifer Morey Cunningham moved to Los Angeles from Boston, fell in love with the city and started painting watercolors of the local landmarks and icons. "It is exhilerating to respond to what you see with colors and gestures" she says.
In her Art classes Jennifer teaches her students how to be inspired by their surroundings. With “Wine and Watercolors”, she goes to home parties and makes “Creativity” the entertainment.
Cunningham is a front runner in her belief that allowing expression releases joy and happiness.
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